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Below is the link to performance data published by the Department for Education on Kingsthorpe Grove Primary School.  It is worth noting, when you are reading the data, that our school has a Special Education Needs Unit for Autism.  Whilst we celebrate our Unit and it is a valuable part of our school, the children that are placed in our Unit are often working well below the expected standard for their age, hence why they are in our Unit.

However, the children are included in our published data, and therefore can have an impact on the percentages that show us to be below the national averages.  In some instances, the difference between including the children from the Unit and not, can be as much as 10%.

Therefore, when analysing the data, please bear in mind that often our internal data (through disaggregating the children placed in the Unit)  is very different.

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Our 2019 Data

Below is our 2019 DATA - Please note that this data is with the SEN Unit attainment removed and will therefore differ from the National Data.

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